What is the Best Skyrim cosplay?

Just after its release, Skyrim became one of the most favorite games all over the world. It's funny heroic characters and memorable lines are just small part of all the fun things you can find. On the other hand, real life Skyrim looks amazing!…

Bold and Beautiful Cosplay

There are so many female characters around so great cosplay is the way to make them come alive. Check out this bold and beautiful cosplay!

Good Cosplay: The Best Examples

There can be cheap cosplay, there can be fanatic but good cosplay. Here are the examples of the best cosplay!

Amazing Mass Effect Shepard Cosplay

We must love Mass Effect! This Shepard Cosplay introduces how awesome it is to be commander Shepard.  

Cosplay at Leipziger Buchmesse 2013

Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany and it has become one of the biggest book events in Europe. As the fair runs over 4 days, visitors can participate in numerous events and introduce themselves with great costumes. …