Portal Fun Facts

1. Unlockable Portal features The player can unlock challenge maps which is levels from the game but with additional goals to achieve. When you will get better, this will be a piece of cake for you. 2. Portal World The company which owns…

Why Gamers Get Girls

Are you a gamer? Then you have no excuse. Go get girls!

The Beautiful World of Skyrim

Before we have seen how Skyrim looks like in real world now you can see how artist imagine it. Skyrim art can be surprising combining game elements and pure fantasy. If you would draw one of the scenes, what would it be? For now, let's enjoy…

Dota 2 Art from biggreenpepper

This artist will surprise you with an amazing vision of your favorite characters. You can find his Dota 2 digital artworks at DeviantArt. Now enjoy this Dota 2 art!

Might and Magic Evolution

The Phoenix is the bird that comes back from the fire. You can see how it changed from cartoon to real badd-ass creature. Angels are peaceful creature (at least they should be). But look at those! You should be scared by now. Griffins…

Good Cosplay: The Best Examples

There can be cheap cosplay, there can be fanatic but good cosplay. Here are the examples of the best cosplay!

The Best Video Game Gifs

Love video game gifs? This bunch will remind you of all classic games. Love every single one of it!