Beginner tips for Fortnite: Battle Royale

Many people have just started playing Fortnite Battle Royale and they have no idea what is going on. While the controls and overall story are quite easy to figure out, some basics skills are needed to improve your game. The main thing to remember is to keep trying and not give up. With each try, it will become easier and your first victory will be in your pocket.

  • Practice building

Even though building is not the most important part of the game, it will help save your life in extreme situations. Land in remote locations, gather some resources preferably different materials and learn to switch to building mode quickly. Practice building regular walls, ramps, a simple fort (4 walls and a ramp) and quick switch. Editing your own builds is also a great skill to have. Ramp edits are the most complicated ones so it might take a while to build a staircase that you are proud of.

  • Choose remote landing locations

In the first few games land far away from most of the players and get used to your surroundings, controls, sounds and even materials. It might be obvious from numerous YouTube videos, nevertheless, you will gain valuable experience.

  • ARs over pistols

Of course you cannot choose weapons in the beginning of the game, but the more you progress, the more important weapon choices will become. Each player has his own game preferences but the assault rifle is pretty universal as it can deal damage in medium range. Pistols don’t deal enough damage, while shotguns are pretty useful in close range combat as they deal significant damage. While a sniper rifle is good to have for a long range, it’s not always easy to find one and good shots need practice.

  • Move all the time

A stationary target is way easier to hit than a moving one. The more a player moves, the less chance he has to be hit by an enemy. When you run long distances, make sure to look around and jump every couple steps. It might feel unnecessary but it might save you from being shot at by a hidden sniper.