Beginner tips for Fortnite: Battle Royale

  • Plan (aka stay in circle)

There is not much planning in the game but the storm has its own timer. Check the map regularly and avoid running far from the storm eye. Beginners usually get caught in a storm as it’s not obvious how much time it takes to stay within the eye of the storm. While in the beginning of the game a player is free to look around and wander, with the storm shrinking, you need to be careful where you are as the game progresses.

  • Avoid fights if you can

Being thrown in the battle in the beginning of the game might not be a great idea as you can get frustrated very quickly. If you hear or see shots, hide or move away until you feel confident to actively engage in a battle, it’s better to run. Remember the goal of the game is not to get kills but to survive and become last one standing.

  • Close the doors

An open door is a clear sign someone is in or has been in a building. If the door is closed, it makes a noise when opened which can help you spot an enemy before he spots you. Staying behind a closed door when you hear footsteps approaching will also give you an element of surprise and you will be to catch someone off guard.

  • Wait for loot

When you get a kill his loot is scattered around the kill zone, wait some time as there might be someone else watching. Look around to make sure noone is around and go for it. For extra protection, build walls and a roof around the loot.