Best Fortnite Pickaxes

You might not think that a pickaxe is an important part of the game but most Fortnite players gather as much resource as they can to survive till the end of the game. The skin and back bling might be an essential part of your look but you are nothing without your pickaxe. At the start of the game, it is your weapon, your supply and your pride. Don’t let your pickaxe ruin your looks!

Empire Axe

The Empire Axe turns the player’s pickaxe harvesting tool into an emblem of the Empire proudly sporting a silver metal man with wings. Maybe best suited to male characters of an Military theme, although this axe oozes class!

Spectral Axe

The Spectral Axe skin equips the players pickaxe with a shiny multi-colored sheen. The array of colours will make it look great with a multitude of characters from the game.

Rainbow Smash

The Rainbow Smash is a comedy pickaxe skin that features a colorful unicorn head on a stick. The Unicorn proudly dons a golden horn, violet hair, a candy blue body and rainbow-colored stripes! Yield the axe for an air of comedy when you smash!

Chomp Jr

The Chomp pickaxe skin will turn your pickaxe into a harpoon that has just killed and impaled a small shark. Any water loving character should be proud to smash with such an ace.

Tat Axe

The Tat Axe is a great looking pickaxe that features a long steel arrow piercing a winged-heart. The pickaxe is perfect for the valentine’s day-specific outfits and also looks good on any female character.

Stop Axe

The Stop Axe will turn your pickaxe into a modified STOP traffic sign that has been fashioned into a double-sided axe by sharpening the edges. Who wouldn’t STOP and admire such a harvester!

Directors Cut

The Director’s Cut rare pickaxe skin will turn the player’s default pickaxe into a retro camera on a wooden pole. Great with any character on season 4 it should make any player have a double take!


The Cliffhanger is a pickaxe that resembles the picks used for mountaineering and mountain climbing. Any character that desires a touch of razor sharp to their harvester should equip this baby.


The AC/DC is a unique pickaxe skin that turns the tool into a forking rod with two metal balls at the tip. You can also see an electric current shooting between the balls. Shock everyone with this one!

Candy Axe

The Candy Axe will turn your pickaxe into a harvester  that looks like a candy cane scattered with decorative Christmas bulbs. Why not add a touch of Christmas to your game all year round.

Death Valley

The Death Valley pickaxe skin is inspired by caveman bone tools. This skin features an animal skull attached to the top end of the pickaxe. The shaft of the tool also gets replaced with a long dinousaur-esque bone. Why not go back to your roots with this one?

Carrot Stick

The Carrot Stick features a large branch with a carrot and chocolate bunny decoration at the tip to commemorate Easter. Equip this with your Bunny themed character for an eggtastic effect.


The Reaper is a rare pickaxe skin that will turn your harvesting tool into a big scythe closely resembling a Grim Reaper’s Scythe. Add an air of death to your game with this one.


The Lollipopper will transform your pickaxe into a giant lollipop with two colourful sides. One side is colored green, while the other is pink – for the twice the sweet flavor. Who could resist this sugary smasher!

Disco Brawl

The Disco Brawl is a combination turns your pickaxe into a shiny disco ball. This pickaxe skin works really well with some outfits with a similar theme, going perfectly with the Funk Ops outfit.

Party Animal

The Party Animal pickaxe skin will turn your pickaxe into a giant beer keg hammer with the word “SLURP” sprayed on it. The hammer design is based on the well known Slurpee vending machines.

Pot O’ Gold

The Pot O’ Gold turns your pickaxe into a magical 3-leaf clover wand with a floating pot of gold at the end it’s rainbow. The pickaxe skin is designed to commemorate the Irish St. Patrick’s Day and goes really well with the Sgt. Green Clover skin.


The EVA, or ExtraVehicular Axe, is an advanced harvesting tool that features a drill one end and a weird alien-esque contraption on the other. Perfect with any space age theme , its universally perfect!

Renegade Roller

The Renegade Roller harvesting tool skin will make your pickaxe resemble a used paint roller with stains of green, yellow, and pink paint all over it. The paint roller also has a metal pole to extend the reach. This pickaxe skin also changes the default pickaxe sound to the sound of paint splashing when used, also a custom paint-trail can also be seen when smashing! Any wall painting hero should be at one with this one!