Fortnite Challenge Guide – Season 5, Week 3

Yet another set of great challenges…  Get playing and finish your week 3 Fortnite challenges!

You can complete the easy ones right away. .

Free Challenges

Deal damage to opponents in a single match (500)

Pretty easy just shot to kill and achieve a total 500 damage to opponents in a single match.

Use a Launchpad (1)

Again pretty easy, find a launchpad build high and launch for the sky!

Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory (1)

Another easy one, just follow the clues and land up near Fatal Fields.

The map below, courtesy of GamingEditorial, shows you where the final location is.

Follow the Treasure Map found in Flush Factory

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests in Fatal Fields (7)

This challenge is simple, but it could be tricky to complete at first because so many people land in the same location with the same objective.

With that in mind, those who struggle might want to wait a few days until others have gotten this challenge out of the way and Fatal Fields is a little quieter the chests will not go away!

Shoot a clay pigeon at different locations (5)

Find these Clay Pigeon machines in the locations mentioned below and in the gallery above.

where to shoot clay pigeons

• North of Flush Factory by the cliff edge
• Next to the Bridge between Lazy Links and Risky Reels
• North East area of Loot Lake
• West of Pleasant Park, right next to the woodland area
• South of Paradise Palms. Right down the bottom of the map, next to the river
• North of Lonely Lodge, just before one of the hilltops

Activate them,shoot the clay pigeon once it’s fired. Simple!

Eliminate opponents at Haunted Hills (5)

Haunted Hills isn’t one of the busiest locations on the map, so you might want to get this challenge out of the way early while plenty of people are landing there, all be it stress will add to the process of killing!

All you need to do is eliminate three people while you’re there. It doesn’t matter how you do it, and you don’t need to earn all three kills in one match, so don’t worry if you get killed early — just go back and try again and keep trying.

Land in a spot where you know there will be loot and grab a weapon and shields as quickly as possible. When you’re ready, start hunting!

Explosive weapons eliminations (3)

Another explosive weapon challenge, usually hard to achieve, don’t forget you can get a knock down and finish the opponent with explosives and still get the explosive elimination.

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