Portal Fun Facts

1. Unlockable Portal features

The player can unlock challenge maps which is levels from the game but with additional goals to achieve. When you will get better, this will be a piece of cake for you.

2. Portal World

The company which owns the testing center is Aperture Science, Inc. Both Portal and Portal 2 happen at the different time but the same place. The company was even mentioned in Half-Life 2 which makes these two game series more connected than we think.

3.  Companion cube

Weighted companion cube will be your biggest friend in the game. While cube is just nicely shaped piece of metal, it made a lot of fans around the world.

  •  What is the name of the type of large crate the player must use to trigger several obstacles in the game?

Weighted Companion Cube. The boxes in the game became very popular with fans. Game studio Steam released fuzzy dice replicas of the crates. The developer, Valve, is a division of Steam.

  •  What is the name of the human character operated by the player in “Portal”?

Chell. Ellen McLain is the voice of GLADoS. Chell does not talk in the game. The appearance of the Chell character was derived from Alesia Glidewell.

  •  What is the name of the voice that addresses you on the announcement system?

GLaDOS. “Portal” was developed by Valve. It won the “Game of the Year” award for 2007 from the Australian television show, “Good Game.”

  •  A computerized voice plays in the background at the beginning of each section. What does it tell you?

The task you are supposed to do. The voice reads very funny instructions. It may reappear periodically during each section.

  •  In this game, your character is armed with a unique type of weapon. What do you do with it?

 Blast holes in walls. The ovals you open are doors into other rooms. This is the source of the game’s title, “Portal.”

  •  After finally letting Chell leave Aperture Science, GLaDOS gave Chell a special gift after she had left the compound. What did GLaDOS give to Chell?

A companion cube. GLaDOS told Chell that the easiest solution to a problem was usually the best. Chell, proved difficult to kill, so GLaDOS decided to let her go instead, as letting her leave was the easier option. As the elevator to the surface rose up, all of the security turrets began singing a song. After exiting the door out into a large wheat field, Chell’s special gift was launched out of the door from which she had just exited. It was a companion cube, not just any companion cube, but the same cube that the player had incinerated in the first game. That was evident via the scorch marks and heavy degradation on the cube’s outer shell.

  •  To begin the core transfer, Wheatley had to be removed from the giant body he was occupying. Since Wheatley rigged the stalemate resolution button to explode, the player was knocked to the ground. With no button to transfer GLaDOS into Wheatley’s current body, what did the player have to shoot with the blue portal in order to remove Wheatley?

Moon. After being knocked to the ground by Wheatley’s explosive trap, the roof of Aperture Science opened up, exposing the moon and giving a not-so-subtle hint to the player as to what they must do next. With the orange portal already underneath Wheatley, all the player had to do was fire a blue portal at the moon. After connecting the portals, everything in the room began to be sucked out into space. Wheatley, and the three cores attached to his body were all sucked out. Before being sucked out into space as well, Chell was saved by GLaDOS.

  •  Before rescuing GLaDOS, the player immediately noticed that a dastardly villain to both GLaDOS and Wheatley had been what kind of animal?

A bird. Earlier in the game, back in GLaDOS’ test chambers, Wheatley jammed a door closed using a bird’s eggs. As Wheatley told the player about what he had done, the bird who had laid those eggs began pecking at and chasing Wheatley around. After falling down the elevator shaft with the potato-battery GLaDOS, a bird had grabbed her and flown off. As the player approached the bird’s nest where GLaDOS was taken, GLaDOS told Chell that because Chell was so good at killing, she should kill the bird. After scaring away the bird, the player rescued GLaDOS by stabbing the potato onto the portal gun. In the same game area, a hidden thing could easily be overlooked on a first play. Instead of launching to the lower offices where GLaDOS was, the player should launch to the second level of offices, above GLaDOS’ potato location. Inside the office, on the left side, was a door. After going through it, the player would discover that hidden behind the door was the testing area of the experimental “Borealis”, the mysterious ship first alluded to in “Half Life 2: Episode Two”. Finding the ship also unlocks an achievement.

  •  Inside GLaDOS’ chamber, Chell plugged Wheatley in, in order to begin a core transfer. After the player broke the core transfer stalemate, Wheatley became the all-powerful overseer of Aperture. Mad with power, Wheatley decided to turn against the player. Before sending the player and GLaDOS’ personality core down the elevator shaft, what did Wheatley turn GLaDOS into?

 A potato battery. Before reaching GLaDOS’ lair, Wheatley and the player went through a room where “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” had occurred. Wheatley commented about how almost every single science display there was an un-inventive potato battery. He then commented about a baking soda volcano and how it had “labourer written all over it.” Despite his criticisms, he did not make a single comment regarding a potato battery that happened to power a device that looked shockingly similar to the Flux Capacitor from “Back to the Future”. After defeating GLaDOS, Wheatley decided to turn her into a potato battery, a talking one, no less.

  •  Before reaching GLaDOS’ lair, the player and Wheatley decided that the only way to be safe was to sabotage two of GLaDOS’ deadly defences. What two things did Chell and Wheatley end up sabotaging?

 GLaDOS’ security turrets and GLaDOS’ neuro-toxin. To sabotage the security turrets, the player had to remove the prototype turret and replace it with one of the discarded ones being launched towards the incinerator. Upon replacing it, the faulty turrets were allowed through production whereas the functional ones were sent to the incinerator. To sabotage the neuro-toxin, the player had to set up a portal in the path of a laser beam and then set up the second portal on the conveniently located platforms moving above and around the hoses connected to the neuro-toxin generator. Those laser beams cut through the hoses and destroyed the neuro-toxin generator, allowing Wheatley and Chell safe passage all the way to GLaDOS’ lair.

  •  After escaping the stasis warehouse, retrieving the portal gun, and passing the remains of GLaDOS, Wheatley guided the player to the breaker room. Why did Wheatley and Chell go to the breaker room?

 To activate a switch that read “Escape Pod”. Wheatley expressed some initial fear at the prospect of passing through GLaDOS’ lair, but upon seeing her inanimate mechanical remains, Wheatley was comfortable with going through there. After making it to the breaker room, Wheatley and the player had to look for a switch that read “Escape Pod”. No such switch was to be found. Wheatley, however, did not initially realize that by lifting the elevator in the breaker room he was re-activating almost every single switch. The huge shock came when GLaDOS was re-animated by the activated power.

  • “Portal 2” continued where the original game left off. Chell was woken up from stasis a first time (fifteen days after the events of the first game) to test whether her senses were still functional or not. What did the program not ask Chell to do?

Jump out of the window. After initially waking, the player was told to look up, look down, look at a piece of art and listen to some classical music. The player was then told to go to sleep, at which point the screen faded to black. As the player’s character woke up for the second time it was clear that a long time had passed. The room was decayed and a British voice behind the door was asking Chell to open the door. If the player did not initially co-operate, the voice tried to communicate in very weak Spanish and he also tried to use reverse psychology on the player. Upon opening the door, it was realized that the voice actually came from a personality core named Wheatley.

  •  At the very end of the game, while the credits roll, players are treated to the song “Still Alive” sung by GLaDOS. While the song is played, shapes appear under the credits. Which is NOT a shape seen?

A portal gun. The Aperture Science logo first appears when GLaDOS sings “Aperture Science: we do what we must, because we can” and numerous other times during the song. A fire appears when GLaDOS sings “And tore me to pieces, and threw every piece into a fire”. The tick appears when GLaDOS sings “As they burnt it hurt because I was so happy for you!” “Still Alive” was written for the game by Jonathan Coultan, who agreed to write it as he was a fan of Valve’s “Half-Life” games. It was performed by Ellen McLain as GLaDOS, who also voices GLaDOS throughout the game. The song was very well received by fans and critics and was a downloadable song for “Rock Band”, “Rock Band 2” and “Rock Band Unplugged” for a short time.

  •  At the end of the game, the player has a boss-battle with GLaDOS. You must incinerate GLaDOS’ personality cores which fall off her after directing a rocket turret at her. Which personality core is the first to be incinerated?

Morality Core. Chell damages GLaDOS by redirecting a rocket turret at her and incinerating GLaDOS’ personality cores which fall off. She must do this in 6 minutes or under before GLaDOS floods the Enrichment Centre with a deadly neurotoxin. The cores are the Morality Core (purple eyed), the Curiosity Core (orange eyed), the Intelligence Core (blue eyed) and the Anger Core (red eyed), respectively. When the last one is incinerated, GLaDOS is destroyed.

  •  How many Test Chambers are there in total?

19. There are a total of 19 Test Chambers. At the end of the 19th Chamber, GLaDOS attempts to kill Chell by making a moving platform she is on move towards a deadly fire. Chell escapes and makes for GLaDOS’ chamber. She is helped by directions and advice written on the walls from Doug Rattmann. Finally, she arrives at GLaDOS’ chamber and the final battle starts.

  •  At the end of Test Chamber 16, what does GLaDOS say “is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance”?

Android hell. GLaDOS at the end of test chamber 16: “Well done, android. The Enrichment Center once again reminds you that android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.” It seems that Aperture Science used to either test on or manufacture military androids. At the start of this Test Chamber, GLaDOS mentions that the chamber needed was under “mandatory scheduled maintenance” and was replaced by one for military androids. This Test Chamber is certainly not suitable for humans, but GLaDOS only apologizes for any inconvenience. The others options were made up, except for Davy Jones’ Locker, which is an idiom used by sailors for the bottom of the ocean.

  •  Aperture Science Sentry Turrets are annoying hazards which shoot you at first sight. What colour are the turret’s eyes and laser?

Red. The Aperture Science Sentry Turrets first appear in Test Chamber 14. They are mostly white with a single red eye, where its red scanning laser comes out from. They can be disabled by knocking them over. This can be done by sneaking up behind them or dropping something on them. They are unusually polite, despite how deadly they are. They also talk like a small robotic child. They were voiced by Ellen McLain, who also voices GLaDOS. Later in the game, players come across Rocket Turrets. These play a major role in Chell’s escape and during the boss fight with GLaDOS. They have a green eye and a blue laser.

  •  In which Test Chamber does the player first receive the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which at first only shoots blue portals?

 Test Chamber 2. In the first Test Chamber, the player walks through portals which were already created. In Test Chamber 2, they receive the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (or just the portal gun). At first, it only shoots the blue portal, which links to orange portals already created. The player gets the Dual Portal Device, which shoots the orange portal as well, in Test Chamber 11.

  •  In Test Chamber 17, the player comes across the Weighted Companion Cube. According to GLaDOS, what will the Weighted Companion Cube never threaten to do to you?

 Stab you. GLaDOS in Test Chamber 17: “The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak. In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.” The Weighted Companion Cube looks exactly like a normal Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube, but it has a pink love heart on each side and glows pink. Players are meant to become “attached to it” despite the fact it does not speak. It accompanies you throughout Test Chamber 17 before the player has to drop it in to an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. The Weighted Companion Cube was popular with gamers and has been made in to a plush toy and fluffy dice for cars, among other merchandise.

  •  Throughout “Portal” the player is guided and challenged through the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre’s test chambers by the robot GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operation System). Which delicious treat does GLaDOS attempt to encourage the player with?

 Cake. Cake is a running joke in “Portal” and appears a lot in the game. The robot GLaDOS attempts to encourage Chell with the promise of cake at the end of the testing. However, Doug Rattmann, a previous Aperture Science employee, wrote on the wall of one of his dens which players can find throughout the game “the cake is a lie”. At the end of the game, the player sees the promised cake, before a mechanical arm puts out the single candle and the credits roll. This cake is a black forest cake based on one from a bakery near Valve’s studios. GLaDOS also promises Chell grief counselling.

  •  In “Portal”, players manoeuvre around test chambers by shooting portals on walls. One portal transports the player to the other portal. What is the name of the character which players play as?

 Chell. Chell never talks as the developers decided the game would be more humorous if she didn’t. She only wears an orange jumpsuit throughout the game, as well as bare feet with mechanical heel springs so she doesn’t injure herself when landing from a high jump. It seems that she was tested on as a result of Aperture Science’s bring-your-daughter-to-work day, as a quote from GLaDOS implies.

  •  You have worked your way up to the final boss. After you attach 3 cores to it, where do you have to shoot a portal?

The moon. After Wheatley uses the booby-trapped stalemate button on you, you shoot a portal to the moon, sucking everything into it! Thankfully GLaDOS saves you, but Wheatley isn’t so lucky…. After you are saved GLaDOS lets you in an elevator and you rise up towards the surface. All of a sudden you are in the middle of a turret opera! Then it all comes to a end as the elevator reaches the surface and you have sweet freedom!

  •  You finally team up with GLaDOS and plan to kill you-know-who (well, she does). What character does GLaDOS appear to be connected with?

 Cave Johnson. Turns out GLaDOS was a core made from Caroline, Cave’s assistant. One of GLaDOS’S interactions with Cave is the all famous lemon speech! You remember that right? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! There are many other theories of who exactly GLaDOS is, but Valve officially said that GLaDOS is, in fact, made from Caroline’s intelligence.

  •  In chapter 5 you escape the test chambers (again) and run towards GLaDOS, disabling her weapons along the way. When you get to her and do the core transfer, what bad thing happens?

Wheatley goes mad with power. Sadly enough Wheatley becomes overwhelmed with power and attempts to kill you. He throws GLaDOS potato form into the elevator with you and slams you down to 4000 meters, the bottom of Aperture.

  •  When you wake up in “Portal 2” you are taken on a wild joy-ride through the facility by a core who is trying to help you escape. What is this core’s name?

Wheatley. Wheatley is a funny English accented core. He wakes you up out of stasis sleep and moves your room through the building. After a while he bashes through a wall. You fall into your old room from “Portal”. Your bed is nowhere to be seen though.

  •  You have finally made it to the Final Boss of “Portal”. What are GLaDOS’s 3 different cores? Not counting the Morality Core.

Anger, Curiosity, Cake. These cores will damage GLaDOS when throw into the incinerator. The first core can be grabbed on some pipes. The second is on a glass platform. The last core is floating in the air and has to be jumped on. When you have destroyed all the cores GLaDOS blows into pieces and flies up out of the building taking you with her.

  •  During the Escape, how many secret rooms are there?

 Two. The first secret room is right after you jump down a hole and see a loading screen. The room is to the right. The second one is right after you drop into a small room behind a single turret. The room is on the other side of the big room you walk into. There are also these hidden rooms in “Portal 2”.

  •  Which test chamber introduces the High Energy Pellet?

Test Chamber 06. The High Energy pellet is used in several test chambers after this one. For example, Chambers 07, 08, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19. As you can see it has a lot of different puzzles in this game. However, they CAN kill you so try and not touch them or hug them. In chamber 19, a green energy pellet makes an appearance. It never runs out of energy so it can be deadly.

  •  In “Portal”, you awaken in a small room. What objects are on the table in this room?

 Radio, mug, and a clipboard. On the table we have an exercise clipboard, a Aperture Science mug, and a radio that is part of getting the achievement “Transmission Received”. The achievement is attained by collecting the radio in each room and taking it to a certain place. It’s pretty hard work!

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